Controversies in the ring, Luis Pabon

Por 03/07/2013

Many times we see situations during the fight that may lead to wrong decisions or involuntary mistakes. A good example is when a referee doesn’t see a head-butt or illegal blow.

This can happen to anybody, but this excuse cannot be used as an easy way out when we make mistakes. Although we are not God, we must try hard to avoid mistakes at all costs. This can only be accomplished with concentration.

I say this, because when the referee does not see something during the fight, he simply says “I did not see it”, “I am human”. This is unacceptable.

The same thing happens when for any reason the judges score bad the fight, they justify themselves by saying, “that is what I saw”, and I repeat, that is to my opinion and point of view, a very easy excuse to justify their lack of concentration.

We must try by all means to avoid mistakes due to our lack of concentration, we must continually pursue excellence.

Below we present a video, and invite you to watch it closely, to comment it. In it we will see how did a mistake of the referee causes the boxer to lose the fight and prevents him from winning a title, and in many cases it can cause the career of an athlete.

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