Broner and Malignaggi complied in Brooklyn

Por 02/07/2013

Broner - Malignaggi

Broner – Maignaggi by Sumio Yamada

On June 22, the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, witnessed a fight that fulfilled the audience in the new home of boxing in New York.

Paul Malignaggi who grew up in the streets of Brooklyn, was committed to his audience to defend his WBA welterweight world title before a man who is ten years younger, undefeated, and two-time world champion, with a technical and elusive style that many consider as the new boxing star, Adrien Broner (WBA lightweight champion) who jumped two divisions above his to look for his third title in three different divisions.

From the opening bell, Malignaggi cameo ut ready to hit Broner basically in the mid-zone and to bring about his local condition, this brought the public into the fight, singing songs to cheer up the Italian descendant. Broner on the other hand, did his job avoiding his opponent blows using his best weapons, arms and legs’ speed.

It is true that Broner did not keep the devastating punching power he has in the lower divisions he had reigned (super feather and lightweight) however, he still has the speed and that excellent school that allowed him in the second quarter the mockery and show off the best Ali o Leonard style.

At the end, the younger, Adrien Broner managed to win by the judges Split decision of. It was an interesting fight, full of strategies and flashes of the old fights where the champion never gave up and tried to defend his belt at all cost and the challenger was convinced and focused on being the new star of the boxing world.

I keep Malignaggi’s Word what he said to the supervisor Gilberto Jesus Mendoza in  the dressing room “thanks for the opportunity you gave me to have the WBA champion belt on my waist. You are my family. Thank you very much”

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