Golovkin vs. Geale and demerit of opponents

Por 25/07/2014

Golovkin vs GealeThis Saturday climbs into the ring super middleweight champion of the World Boxing Association, Gennady Golovkin. Nobody can deny his quality, his power and charisma, however many say he has had no quality opponents.

Golovkin himself now assures that the Australian and former world champion, Daniel Geale is the most complete rival of his career, and that in papers he looms as the most demanding of all opponents he has faced.

However, the own Kazakhstani stresses that those words do not mean any demerit whatsoever to any of his previous opponents.

Listening to a boxer who sweats his triumphs and defeats, say that makes you think.

Why do we demerit the fighters? What makes us say this one is of the lot or that one is not good at all, if we do not even know how or where he trains and much less what he eats.

I wonder, is it because a boxer trajectory or any specific result? Or maybe because we just go along with the opinions of those “experts” that mark the boxers.

I agree that there are phenomena, winners and lucky boxers and that there are others who don’t really have any opportunity of climbing in this difficult world of professional boxing. But that does it mean he not have chances?

This happens not only in boxing or sports in general, also happens in our everyday life when we dare to say “that’s a poor idiot”, or “that is useless”, simply because we do not know if their ability have not been exploited, or discovered.

Getting back to boxing. Listen to Golovkin Geale say that he is the toughest opponent he has faced can be taken as a compliment, not for the Australian himself, but for his career. After 29 wins, 26 KO´s 16 of them in a row, can we say that he has not shown his full potential because of his opponents?

Many say that Golovkin hasn’t fought any known boxer, with the exception of this fight with Geale. Others simply say he has been protected, and I wonder, can he be taken care of with the power he has?

I believe Golovkin is a very complete and natural boxer, whom many great names elude, Why? Perhaps it is avoid those names appear in the list of “they are nobodies”.

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