Two battles without any waste: Maidana vs. Lopez, Lara vs Angulo

Por 14/06/2013

The protagonists of the main cards on Saturday at the Home Depot Center in Carson, California did not disappoint me, and personally, I was satisfied with their performances that made me fall in love again with the excitement and adrenaline boxing can offer.

Once again the Argentinean boxer Marcos René Maidana did what he usually does on the ring. He gave a very exciting show, made all the fans sit at the edge of their seats and more than one became catholic and prayed.

“El Chino” Maidana made a great presentation before the Mexican Josesito López to whom he demanded and compromised until the referee stopped the fight.

The first two rounds were broadly dominated by the Argentinean, however the third and fourth allowed the Aztec to gain terrain to the point of embarrassing Maidana who, in the fifth round, took out hil lyon heart and ended the bout.

Maidana did more of what he always does. He fought, thrilled and convinced. He has a fearless and unique style. He is not easy to decode for those who are in front of him, simply because when he appears to be mortally wounded the rises like the Phoenix.  He never gives up and fans love that.

We cannot take merits from López. Worthy opponent who showed the Aztec warrior he is that left him well standing, respected by all and asking for more. Maybe Lopez has not been lucky enough to be among the greatest of Mexico or it could be his time has not arrived yet, but he has good results and names left on canvas at pleasure. It is a pleasure see him fight.

In sum, Maidana showed he is in his way to regain the world title.

In another fight, Erislandy Lara left a pleasant taste in the mouth of those who did not know him. He has clean style, technique and an incredible tenacity to wear down any opponent chasing him.

He (Erislandy) faced a warrior, Alfredo “El Perro” Ángulo who knocked down the Cuban a couple of times making lived some difficult moments. Lara took his time, got his distance and got over, but everyone was alert before a possible knock out.

The fight did end by KO, but in favor of Lara after Angulo turned his back on him. He was hit with a finger in his eye that caused a terrible pain that he decided to give up against his will. Fortunately, the medical tests did not show any serios lesion.

With a very swollen face around the left eye and cheek, Angulo said he was very frustrated for what had happened. He was such a worthy opponent that he could have taken the WBA 154 Interim title.

However it was Lara who kept the belt and now wants to fight the Puerto Rican Miguel Cotto. We will have to wait and see how the Antillean looks in his next fight, but, again, many will fall in love with the Cuban boxing style.

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