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Por 14/06/2013

Very frequently we find interesting websites and applications for all kind of mobile devices, like games and applications that help us be more effective in our day to day work. This led the WBA team to wonder, can we create application that does all these things for boxing?

In December 2012, in the World Championship bout between Nicholas Walters and Daulis Prescott in Jamaica, we had the opportunity to test the prototype of an application that is in its final phase of development and we hope it fill the needs of all the boxing lovers. And when I say all, I mean “everyone”; boxers, fans, judges, sports leaders, etc. This system automatically collects the score the judges and supervisors write in a mobile device, and the final score of the bout will be seen automatically in the website of the World Boxing Association. In addition, analysis of consistency of each of these scores will be available immediately. Since both, the scores and analysis of each round, are stored in a database, we will be able to use the Open Score from the WBA website.

One of the things I like the most of this application is that all the information will be accesible in the WBA website, so we can access hystorical data any times as we want, to increase our knowledge, todo work on it or simply for fun.

It has been very fun to develop the applicationand funier to use it. By using it watching a fight live on tv, scoring during the minute rest time, and trying to be proficient and fair in my scorig, I feel like a real WBA judge. I also like to be compare my scoring with the official judges’s scoring and see how well I did.

Believe me, it’s fun!

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