¿Surprise Night?

Por 21/06/2013

Ever since I can recall I like boxing, and I like the excitement, the adrenaline along with everything else that involves every fight; I would add the possibility of the surprise in each bout.

This Saturday there will be one of those battles that promises surprise, and I bet on it.  It will be the World Boxing Association welterweight title fight of the Italian-American Paul Malignaggi. His opponent is not an easy one; is the peculiar Adrien Broner.

Malignaggi has an awkward guard that compensates the lack of a devastating punch his opponent has, because it will allow him to get out of more than one trouble in the ring.

Although his left hand is always at his waist he manages to avoid the opponent’s attack and throw the right hand to keep the opponent at the distance he wants them to be. He is fast and a double step to move forward that makes him punish his opponent.

He will have to keep that right hand up before Broner to avoid falling before time.

Malignaggi rarely succumbs to provocation, and follows his work plan to the letter and this has made the difference in his fights.

I repeat, he is not a natural puncher but he has surprised friends and strangers when he knocked out Vyacheslav Sevchenko from whom he snatched the world title but he stained an impeccable record of 32 fights.

I admit it, I count myself into the surprised group. His record is 32-4, 7 KO´s. His losses have been against former champions like Miguel Cotto, Ricky Hatton, Juan Diaz and Amir Khan.

On the other hand, Broner was born with instinct, he is a machine to throw left, right, top, bottom and sides punches and when he has his opponent against the ropes and almost demolished.

Although his left hook anesthetic and prepares the opponent, is his right that puts an end to the fights. He is unbeaten in 26 fights, with 22 KO’s, he may be criticized for not having faced many big boxers, but at the age of 23 he is fighting for his third world title.

Fun for many, a clown for others, he enters the ring rapping, and after every win his people “comb him”, Broner is undoubtedly a spectacle to enjoy.

The bookmakers have him as the mega favorite.

This is the kind of fight I like, two very different styles that will entangle the of actions but gives alternatives to the two. If we bet on the punching power, Broner looks superior, but as I said before, the “Magic Man” is a very uncomfortable fighter that can come out hands up of the second defense of his black and gold welterweight belt.


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