Open Score in Internet

Por 24/06/2013

Open Score  available to every person with internet access.

For those who dont know what Open Score is, here is what I understand of it: Open Score or Open Scoring is the policy to  disclose the scores of a fight before it is over.  To keep the final surprise of the result, the scores are made public every 4 rounds without showing the names of the judges scoring the fight.

Since I learned about this practice,  I started to imagine what it would be like to make it really public placing it at a website, as it used to be public only inside the bout site.

The World Boxing Association tested the WBAScore system in December 2012, and thanks to the electronic scoring we could show Open Score in Internet. The test was a success and very soon the WBA will announce new systems, to be once again the pioneer boxing organization in the boxing world.

Regards and see you next week!.

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