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Hilmar Rojas Erazo - WBA Team
Let’s talk about boxing
Hilmar Rojas Erazo
WBA Press Coordinator
In this blog we will give our point of view on interesting fights, boxers and the exciting world of Boxing
Julio Thyme - WBA Operation Director
Ring Side
Julio Thyme
Operation Director and Vice-President Assistant
Blog devoted to comment the fascinating boxing world
Daniel Alonso jr
Behind the scenes at the boxing
Daniel Alonso jr
TV producer, creative and graphic designer. Director of the WBA multimedia Department
A look at the boxing world and its history from a different perspective, captured by the lens of my camera
Gilberto Echeverría - WBA Webmaster
Technology and Sport
Gilberto Echeverría
Software Developer. Webmaster of the World Boxing Association.
Blog to talk about technology and sports topics
Luis Pabón - WBA Referee
Ring Officials Highlights
Luis Pabón, Puerto Rico
Director of the WBA International Officials Committee with experience in over 350 fights
We will talk about situations that come up in the ring, to make recommendations and make the best of them, to improve our performance and try to be a more efficient official
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