Why we fail I

Por 19/06/2013

Some times we fail when doing our work a Referee, and I would like to share some reflections

1- Because we do not follow proper procedure, even though we say we know them and we hear them year after year in the International Officials Seminar, we do not follow the to the rule, and we fail.

2- We do not follow the rules. We are supposed to know them and say what tell me again what I already know. In a referee meeting one of them told me the story of a referee who deducted one point out of the agressor whenhe should hae tbken two. However, this is not necessarily true, because the rule says that you must deduct two point when the intentional blow causes an injury or a cut. For example, a boxer hits the other in the back intentionally, but caused no damage. Why deducting two points? You first warn him, then take one or two and later, disqualified.

3- We fail when we believe we are the star: We say that another refereee is famous and I want to be like him… famous? Of course we want to grow and learn and be regarded as a good official, and that your name be considered for big and important fights, but you are not the famous one here, the boxers are! I have even heard referee say that wish the fight last long so he an be seen on TV. Why do you want o be seen? In boxing we find referee who want to be the star, other want to be recognized as a referee because they were never famous as boxers.When we are in the ring and we try hard to look good and move gracefully, we make mistakes because we are not paying attention to what we are doing but to how we do it and anything can happen in seconds, so we fail as referees.

We know there are referees like that, and if anyone thinks he can behave like that and manage to be famous, I guarantee that as time passes you will think you do not need to attend seminars because you are already a star, and you what? you will finally fail as referee.

4- Instructions in the dressing room: for me this the best moment to earn the respect of the boxer and his corner. We know that there are some basic instructions, but every fight, and its fighters are different and we have to be versatile, and show self confidence, if we don’t the boxers and their corners will notice and we will lose their respect.

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