Why we fail. Part II

Por 24/06/2013

5-   Preparation before the fight:
Talk to the ringside doctor, tell him that if he has a recommendation like stopping the fight, don’t hesitate, but do it wisely during the minute rest. Remind him not to make any gestures with his hands to avoid misinterpretations by the public.

Talk to the Time-Keeper, ask him how he works, how he announces the last 10 seconds of the round and 10 seconds before the next round, if he uses whistle, piece of wood or hitting the table, etc.  It is important for the referees to get familiar with the sound. Check if he has two watches.

In a fight I referee in a Bullring in New Laredo, Mexico, I talked to the time keeper and I noticed he did not have watch or chronometer, when I asked him the reason he said he was substituting the official time keeper who was sick, and for my surprise there was no bell, no watch, nothing to tell me the time. I lent him my watch with chronometer, looked for a piece of wood and a piece of iron to use as bell.

Se dan cuente de la importancia estar preparado?

6-   Bad performance:
Our work is supposed to be perfect, but we are humans and at some time we may have bad night and if we don’t do the things I mentioned before, I promise failure.

If you have a bad night, and you cannot take it out of your head, you could fail again. If you go to your next fight worrying to be better than the previous time, you will probably fail.  Every fight is different and if you accumulate blames, or they will take over. The best way to get over is to go back to the beginning, review and practice as you did when you first started.

Si no puedes sacarte las malas actuaciones a lo mejor no eres tan bueno.

7-   For the judges
Judges sometimes suffer from delusions of grandeur. I’ve seen them trying to sit facing the camera to be on TV, but if they have a bad night and make a mistake, then, they don’t want anyone to know them.

If the judge loses his concentration, he will fail. We have seen judges before the fight chating and texting on the phone, taking pictures, etc.  Completely out of focus.  Imagine they get a bad news message, they will be distracted during all the fight thinking on the message they got. This is simple, long before the fight you only need your pen, you scorecards and all your concentration.  Forget avout everything else.


See you soon… Luis

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