How to evaluate a round, by Gustavo Padilla

Por 15/07/2013

“This time the content of this blog is the transcription of a work written by the WBA International Official, Gustavo Padilla, who also sits on the Ratings Committee. The information is related to the scoring of the rounds.

I hope you like it.”

These guidelines are meant for the beginner, the fan and the professional boxing judge. It has five (5) areas to be scored in a round, and, weather it is a championship fight or not, we should take them into consideration.

Needless to say that in Professional and amateur boxing the main goal is to connect effective blows (knuckles) to the opponent and get hit; however, these blows should land to the vulnerable body area to be scored as legal blows. This vulnerable area goes vertically from head to the waist -front and sides of the body-; this means an imaginary line from the navel to the part of hip (iliac Crest).

The five areas to be scored in a round are: Effectiveness, Attack, Defense, Technique and Sportsmanship.

  1. Effectiveness: It is the ultimate end of boxing, to connect the opponent with the most effective blows in the vulnerable area strongly to be scored.
  2. ATTACK: It is the effective aggressiveness showed a boxer during the fight.
  3. DEFENSE: The Boxer must be able to neutralize the attack of its opponent.
  4. TECHNIC: It is the stamina, skill, and courage demonstrated by a boxer to solve any difficult situations that may arise during the fight, as well as his ability to force his opponent to the way that suits him. Here is where we can tell whether a Boxer is stylist or puncher.
  5. SPORTSMANSHIP: Here we find the positive and negative aspects that should be taken into consideration at the final scoring.  In the positive we find when a boxer does not hit the other when is defenseless. Among the negative is that one of the boxers runs away from the fight, clinch too much, or does not fight clean, making fouls that needs the referee attention, when he deliberately throws illegal punches after the bell rings ending the round, when he holds the rope with one hand or use them to bounce, that he ignores the referee orders.

These are the only five (5) points to every judges should keep in mind when he evaluates a round, however, they must be accompanied by skill and concentration to write down what really happened in the three (3) minutes of fight.

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