We need more fighters

Por 16/08/2013

For many, women’s boxing should not exist, which I radically rule out. Many believe that the ladies do not offer good same show, and I have to disagree on that too.

I defend women boxing not because I am a woman, but as an option. I believe it is a free choice for many to progress and emerge, to work and to do what she want not harming anyone.

The problem I do see in women boxing is that there are not the same amount of quality fighters to give a good show. Although that quality concept may defer from each other, but the situation is that they do not fight as much as they want because that lack of available opponents.

Recently, we saw the WBA featherweight champion Ogleidis “La Niña” Suárez who had to fight for the second time with the Colombian Liliana Palmera. There was a lot of criticism for this second fight in a raw, and people thought it will not be a good fight.

It turned out different, it was a great fight. Even though Suarez has some defense faults that she knows them, we could see a more technical fighter. She might not look in TV as well as in live, but as always there will be criticism.

The truth is that in feminine boxing we will see very often that they had to fight the same opponent several times, or that they request special permit to fight not ranked boxers putting off their mandatory defenses. The reason is that there are not enough quality boxers.

There are many talented boxers, very capable, resourceful and skillful boxers who hold world championship belts, or are about to fight for them. But let’s be honest we can also find very boring boxers who make a professional fight look like a dispute for a lost husband.

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