The simplicity that many people need by Hilmar Rojas

Por 23/08/2013

Despite of being a three-time world champion, having lived the good and bad of fame and success brings, of having money and health, Shane Mosley is a human being who radiates simplicity.

His eyes and smile speak for itself, but what amazes the most is seeing Mosley posing in pictures with anybody who asks for it. He was always friendly and making his best to understand whoever spoke in Spanish to him was was the attitude of the the boxer in the Pedro “Rockero” Alcazar gym in Curundú, Panama.

He surprised everyone, and before the disbelief of every attendant, Mosley made arrangements to spar with two kids of Panama.

He sparred six rounds with Jazrrel Corrales and Jhonathan Arenas. Both fighters had their minutes of glory when they stepped into the ring with a great champion like Mosley, and more because when they finished the champion itself asked for a picture for the future.

Before they got into the ring, while warming up and made some shade, Mosley showed his best smile to a street vendor who tried to sell him a Candy telling him it was his last one.

Mosley enjoyed every moment  of he spent in the gym located at a very humble area of the Panamanian capital, without any luxury, no conditioning or hardwood floor or sauna. However that did not seem to matter to him at all, he came to do his work for his fight on October 23 against Anthony Mundine, besides spending some time with the people of Panama.

These are the simple details that make a common person a big one. He will be remembered for his achievements, but even more for his nice personality, that gives the meaning to his nickname “Sugar”.

Many people, stars and those who see themselves as such, should learn from the three-time world champion. That simplicity of Mosley is what today’s world needs the most. Perhaps that “sugar” is what we need in industrial quantities to be happy and make a better society better.


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