The reason for the Convention

Por 28/10/2013

The World Boxing Association has just had its 92 work week with almost 200 participants from 31 countries.

During that week many of promoters, matchmakers, officials and many other people linked to the boxing world gathered in Lima, Convention site.

The main objective of this event is the updating of the Directors and officials’ works and the opportunity for the promoters to negotiate their fights.

It is also a good time to have a direct contact with the Directorate to make suggestions and why not, it is the perfect time to make a good contact that one might need in the future.

On this occasion, the President of the WBA, Gilberto Mendoza, proposed that the Convention ceases to be held annually to be hold every two years, in order to provide relevant agenda and especially with more work for the attendees..

The proposal was approved, with the provision that Officials and doctors shall meet like the directorate, twice a year to keep the updating phase of each convention.

International Officials, whether judges or referees, are whom the fan always question whenever there is a controversial result, and those in charge of evaluating the bout.

In Lima WBA Vice President, Gilberto Jesus Mendoza made it very clear “all of our officials are serious and comply with their work”, mistakes are human, but as President of Mendoza said “it is easier to criticize and talk of another that correct or suggest the improvement”.

Every year there are activities not only for the group of officials to be up-to-date in regulations, to know them and avoid mistakes but for the rest of the members know it in black and white. The problem is when those self-called “specialists” and fans that are not aware of the regulation, and shoot criticism at will.

No decision is taken without being checked first by a legal department, seeking not to harm the boxers. During the first day of the Convention, the Directorate carried out evaluating group practices of “hypothetical scenarios” based on the regulations real situations.

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