Mega banquet boxing

Por 13/09/2013

Everything has been said about what the stars of this Saturday boxing card at the MGM Grand can or cannot do. Floyd Mayweather Jr is a super fighter, fast and very resourceful. Saul “Canelo” Alvarez is young, determined and strong.

Both promise to give the best to make the main event of the night, the best of the second half of 2013. Will they be able to do it? Everything seems to indicate that it will be good, but from my point of view and I think many people would agree with me, the mega fight will be the clash of the puncher Lucas Mathysse and Danny Garcia.

Two punchers that have got over all their previous fights. Both WBA/WBC super lightweight champion respectively, that will dispute one of the most interesting fights for the boxing fans.

The knock out has always been the appeal of boxing, so this so expected battle has a special interest. The odds say the favorite is the Argentine, however, many experts say that Garcia has the strength, power and intelligence to solve the problem with Mathysse, who also has resources and over all the power to settle on the fast track.

The first one to make a mistake will go to the canvas, and it could even be a very short fight, and we can also see both of them getting the count.

The power of assimilation, which according to many is less in Garcia, will be the factor that will help solve this dilemma of who is better puncher.

As for the Mayweather and Alvarez fight there is something simple. Both WBA champions have everything to give a great show, but the best is the expectation created.

Many people wonder, Is Canelo ready for this fight? I’m sure he is, for various reasons, but I’ll focus on one: He’s a professional, therefore he will get in the ring to give his best either he wins or lose, he trained consciously, so it seems absurd to argue his youth as a possible reason for his defeat.

As for Mayweather, we know he does not have the Mexican’s punch power nor his youth, but his experience and conditions are exceptional, he has boxing and resources that make him as betting favorite, and most of the fans.
I’m sure Saturday night will be a mega boxing banquet, don’t you think?

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