I go for Golovkin

Por 28/06/2013

Many people think that because in Genady Golovkin’s record you don’t read famous names, he is not a full and worthy to participate in big events, some even say he does not have the credentials to be a world champion.

No disrespect to anyone, I dare to say that it is a mistaken point of view, and I will share my reasons with you.

I believe that a boxer is not made of his contenders’ names but of the result of the fights, his physical conditions and of course the quality of his opponents.

Not all the boxer are lucky enough to be world champions, many insist repeatedly and never make it. Others work hard all their lives and don’t even get a chance for the title. And I ask, are they less important?

Then, saying that he has not fought “someone famous” is sometimes a cliche and meaningless comment.

Golovkin has a clean technique, and extensive amateur experience with Olympic cycle, and medals as well. His boxing is not only beautiful and showy but passionate.

He has what every promoter and fan wants to see in a boxer, passion, talent, strength and seller of every mega fight, the knockouts that can only be qualified as AWESOME, with capital letters.

Golovkin does his job from the beginning of the fight. He is passionate in the ring, attacking the mid zone of his opponents till he breaks them and the he releases an overwhelming repertoire of demolishing punches that annihilates them. He literally finishes them.

His opponent this coming Saturday will be the British, Matthew Macklin. Your opponent’s turn, this Saturday will be the British Matthew Macklin. He is a strong fighter with an awkward style that Golovkin must unravel. He has a long amateur career, has fought world titles with outstanding names such as Sergio Martínez and Felix Sturm.

Without underestimating the British opponent this Saturday I go for Golovkin, who I believe will keep his WBA belt, and continue writing his story as all the boxing greats.

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