Fights people want to see and fights TV network want to show

Por 31/01/2014

Pacman - Mayweather - Fantasy Weigh-in

Pacman – Mayweather – Fantasy Weigh-in by dsourceboxing.com

The beginning of each year makes boxing fans to express again and again their dream fights, the perfect fight, what they want. Obviously, 2014 did not escape the fans wishes to see Floyd Mayweather facing Manny Pacquiao, fight, that I personally don’t think will happen, besides even the WBA welterweight super champion has ruled out several times. Nonetheless, there are still many people requesting it, even the Filippino.

In short, the fights that for many may sound unattractive tend to steal the show and win new fans, sometimes even more than those fight that are publicized very anticipated.

There are boxers who do not have the grace to be liked by TV networks, despite being good boxers, effective and KO punchers.

This weekend is the WBA Middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin turn to defend his 160 lbs belt for the tenth time, against Osumanu Adama in Monte Carlo, in the same place where, a year ago, he annihilated Nobuiro Ishida.

The champion is 28-0, 25 KO’s but Adama is known for his powerful fists. It is an eye catching fight for Adama’s power and for Golovkin’s perfect year, where he retired four opponents without problems, two by KO and two by TKO. However, American TV networks are not interesting in him.
I doubt that after Golovkin’s two fights in the US soil in 2013, American boxing fans are not interested in watching the middleweight king on TV.

¿Why is that? Nobody really knows because many people say Guillermo Rigondeaux is boring and doesn’t knock out, but, what can they say about Golovkin? The only excuse can be that he annihilates his opponents too fast and ruins TV time, otherwise I really don’t understand.

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