What we don’t see on TV

Por 20/07/2013

When we watch a fight on television we can hear all kind of sounds, blows, referee, shouts, applauses, whistles, etc.  All that mix of sounds and emotions raise the mood of viewers, and  group of fans wows their favorite boxer blows this could influence the perception of the bout should you not be one hundred percent focused on the battle.

I’ve stopped seeing the fights through the lens of my camera to look at the judges, and believe me, there is no such a thing as fan noise for them.

I have seen them focused on the fight, as if there is nothing else around them during those three minutes of fight. As they lacked of emotions or favoritism towards any of the boxers, they are simply hermetic.

The preparation for their performance begins before the fight, but we do not see any of that on TV.  For example:

  • A Professional judge or referee should not drink alcohol 24 hours before the fight.
  • He should study and know both contenders.
  • He should set aside his personal life, troubles, happiness, etc. during the fight. Any kind of influence could affect the result of the bout.
  • He should have previous knowledge of the regulations
  • After the fight has ended, he should no comment the fight or his scoring with the press.
  • He should have regular medical checkup.
  • He should be mentally balance with the domain of a boxer to issue the correct score.
  • He should not miss the smallest detail during the bout, the referee might consult him.

I have witness all of this first hand.

The next time you watch a fight on TV or live, pay attention to all the characters participating in the bout when the bout ends in twelve rounds. And, if you have ever thought on being a boxing judge, practice what I had just told you at home, while watching TV.

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