The Temple of the Immortals II

Por 04/07/2013

I am sure you have heard champions’ names like Muhammad Ali, Gene Fullmer, Jack Dempsey, Joe Louis, Joe Frazier o George Foreman among others. Well, all of them are Hall of Famers.

I am convinced that for boxing fans and specialists, they don’t need any presentation. They were all great figures and their achievements keep them alive on the walls of the Boxing Hall of Fame.  Estoy convencido que para los especialistas y fanáticos de boxeo, ninguno necesita presentación. However,  it wasn’t always like that. This year 3 boxers, 1 announcer, 1 referee and one journalist were inducted, and for this reason I want to talk a little bit about each of them.

The first in my list is Arturo Gatti, who was born as “The Thunder”.

  • He was born in Italy.  He was a warrior in the ring and was world champion twice in different divisions.  He faced great names like Gabriel Ruelas, Angel Manfredy, Iván Robinson, Oscar De La Hoya, Floy Mayweather Jr., however, his trilogy with Micky Ward, outstands. He was murdered in 2009, but his memory and achievements will be alive for ever in the Hall of Fame.

Another boxer who was inducted into the Inmortal Temple this year was Virgil Hill.

  • He was a very solid light heavyweight nboxer who dominated in the late 80’s and early     90’s. He made 22 successful title defenses in two reigns, and also manage the win the Cruiserweight belt of the World Boxing Association. He won 50 fights and lost only 7 times.  Virgill Hill was the undisputed King of the 175 lbs. Division.

This year the Hall of Fame turned its face to Asia. That is where our next inductee was born.

  • Myung Woo Yuh, who was born in South Korea, was the best minimum boxer of that time. He was a solid WBA champion and made 20 successful defenses in 2 reigns.  He dominated     Asia and part of Latin America for his victories over the Venezuelan Leo Gámez. He lost only 1 fight against Hiroki Ioka, and he got his revenge afterwards. Myung Woo Yuh is one of those few boxers who retired as champion.

So far I have talked about the three boxers who were inducted by the Hall of Fame this year.  Now is the turn of the commentator.
The thrill of the fight gets to its highest point when the announcer presents the stars of the bout.

  • Jimmy Lenon Jr. Is a specialist on this matter.  His career and reputation has made him Brand in each fight he announces.  His presentations are part of the show to the point to make the public vibrate and cheer.  This year, thanks to his performance, he got the recognition everyone involved in boxing dreams about, being part of the Hall of Fame.

We have only two more figures to go.
No fight can take place unless he is in the ring. The referee is the authority inside the ropes.  Seeing him so many times makes the public aware of him and recognizes him everywhere. This is the case of Mills Lane.

  • Great referee, who was judge, promoter and boxer.   For more than three decades he participated in very important title fights. His image is synonym of order inside the ring. During 2002 he suffered a stroke that took him away from the boxing.

The last participant of this induction to the Hall of Fame is the English Journalist Colin Hart.

  • For the past 47 years he has covered major events around the world for printed media, but has also had participated as boxing analyst for television and radio broadcasts.  He has always been written direct and to the point, no nonsense. He is considered by many as a boxing walking encyclopedia of.

The Boxing Hall of Fame inductees for 2014 will be revealed by mid-October.  I invite you to keep track of this subject in the official website of the World Boxing Association at www.wbanews.com.

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