The Purse Bid

Por 27/01/2014

The Purse Bid

Klitschko vs Povetkin Purse Bid – April 2013

When a champion of the World Boxing Association (WBA) must face a mandatory challenger to defend his title, the handlers of both boxers must reach an agreement to stage the fight thus they are all formally notified by the organization.

Such agreement should be reached in a given period of time, and both parties should look for the best conditions that benefit the champion and the challenger, such as the boxers’ purses, which is the difficult part to agree upon.

Other issues to agree upon are the date and site to stage the fight. To fight in-house is an advantage for a boxer, at least as for the fan attending.
It is not so often, but during the negotiations, sometimes they discuss topics like the best time to carry out the antidoping test, before or after the fight, or even possible rematch fights.

Now… If those managing the careers of both parties fail to reach an agreement within the given period of time, the WBA will summon a Purse Bid… But, what is a Purse Bid?

The bid is the best option the WBA has ruled to make the fights happen. So it summons both parties –champion and challenger- as well as other parties. Other promoters might be interested in promoting the fight in any of their shows. The bid is presided by a director of the WBA to be valid and official.

The minimum amount to participate in the bidding process depends on the title division. The winner of the bid is the promotion that makes the highest offer that should be submitted together with the name of three possible cities and dates to promote the bout. The possible dates of the fights must be with a period set by the WBA and the purse offer shall be split between the champion and challenger, that is 75% for the champion and 25% for the challenger.

The next time you see a fight on TV or live from the Arena, you know everything that had happened prior to the event, besides the preparation of the boxers, for the fight to take place.

La próxima vez que veas una pelea por televisión o en vivo desde la Arena, ya sabrás todo lo que tuvo que ocurrir, además de la preparación de los boxeadores, para que se realizara el combate.

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