The Temple of the Immortals I

Por 14/06/2013

Each time an athlete practices his discipline he thinks about winning. Few tests the sweetness of victory, many learn of the setbacks, other don’t. The goal for most of them is to become champions at something, but what happens when your career ends? Are simply you done and your achievements forgotten? I will tell you what happens in boxing.

After five years of professional retirement, the boxer is eligible to be part of a bigger recognition. There is a magical place where time does not tarnish the stars and the great performances are always remembered. This mystical place is called the “Boxing Hall of Fame”.

Its Headquarters are located in a small town in Canastota, north of New York. Its walls show all of its members. To be there it is not enough to have won a title or to be famous. To join the immortals, you need the merits, to be really good. Good among the good.

Great champions, specialized journalists, personalities involved in boxing are inducted every year at the Boxing Hall of Fame. This time it was the turn of former world champions Myung Woo Yuh, Virgil Hill, Arturo Gatti; the presenter Jimmy Lennon Jr.; the referee Mills Lane and journalist Colin Hart. I will tell you more about them in my next blog.

The organization of the event was very good; all the activities that spread throughout the week were well coordinated. There were autograph signings, photo shootings, races, parades among many other things. The highlight was on Sunday, when the inductees received the ring and parchment making them part of the Boxing Hall of Fame.

The lens of my camera followed every moment, every little thing was captured. I fill that the speeches and the applauses still echo I my mind. It was a moment full of emotions hard to explain. Each of the inductees will be remembered forever and ever, recognition each of them won after much sweat.

All that emotion made me think.

What would happen if this acknowledgment were to applied to our daily lives as professionals. I invite you to think about it.

  • ¿What good are you doing?
  • ¿What are your merits?
  • ¿What do you do to get life recognition?

Send me your suggestion to make a better world; and should a Hall of fame were created for e very one without discrimination of creed, race philosophy, etc., all of us could join that Temple of the Immortals.

Cada vez que un atleta practica su disciplina piensa en ganar. Pocos permanecen saboreando las mieles del triunfo y muchos aprenden de los descalabros, otros no. La meta en la mayoría es lograr ser campeones en algo, pero ¿qué ocurre cuando termina su carrera deportiva? ¿Se termina simplemente y son olvidados sus logros?, les contaré lo que ocurre en el boxeo.

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